Access Control

Access control comes in various forms from a simple push button to a fully networked system.

Handheld Remotes
Each gate installation comes with hand held remotes, these transmitters will allow you to open and close your gate on entry and exit. Once used the gate will automatically close. We would recommend additional access control as remotes can get lost.  Additional remotes can be purchased at any time.

Push Buttons
A simple solution to allow pedestrian entry and exit. For additional security, push buttons can be timed to only allow a user access at certain times. Usually buttons are installed on the gate post or on an independent post near the gate. The unit can be plain or have Entry/ Exit engraved on the front.

Using a keypad allows authorised access using PIN. You choose a PIN for each user. These can be timed to only allow users entry within certain times.

Intercom Systems
The most popular intercom is a GSM intercoms which use a SIM card. These units will call your landline or mobile phone and you have the ablility to open or close your gate from your phone. You don’t even need to be home! These come with a keypad if required giving the additional benefit of PIN entry. The units will call through a list of numbers to ensure you don’t miss visitors.

Intercoms can also be wired with cabling back to your property with a dedicated handset, wireless, with a small unit powered in your property and a portable handset. Option now for video intercoms to allow you to see who is at your gate.

Fully networked systems can be installed for offices, warehouses etc. The system will monitor who is in the building at any one time and can be linked to fire alarms to allow easy exit in an emergency.

Vehicle Detection Loops
If you would prefer your gate can be set to open automatically on entry and exit. A loop or probe can be installed in your driveway which will open the gate when your vehicle passes over it. These can also be used for safety to make sure your gate does not close on your car on opening or closing. Loops require a slot to be cut into your driveway and wired back to the control system.

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